About Us:

UTHHAN is a joint initiative between different artisan community organizations lead by GERG for the upliftment of financially weaker segment of skilled artisans across India.

It has been observed that value of an artisan product depends on the way of presentation apart from quality, which is an alien territory for a skilled worker. As an effort to overcome this obstacle the products from the skilled workers will be displayed in various retail outlets exclusively allotted under the banner of the project with the help of government bodies.

Global exposure and coverage of the finished products will increase the value and reach. Government aided programmes and effective marketing strategies will be implemented for the success of the project through eminent personalities in the community.

UTHHAN will be the first initiative in India which will share the profit with the skilled workers. Project eliminates the role of middlemen and other illegal financial exploitation which kept a monster sum of skilled workers in India in dark and never ending financial agony.

This effort will unify all type of skilled workers across India which will lead a new ray of hope for the community to fight for their rightful cause without fear of exploitation which they are subjected to many decades.


Artisans are an essential part of development of society and for the balance of the population chain. Unfortunately artisans are the most exploited and neglected community who only know to create and very poor in administration in financial management. Our aim is to unify this massive community so that they can be uplifted from the present scenario. We will make artisans financially strong thereby effectively get returns to support their families.

The products handled by artisans ranges from ‘A simple household item to a complex scientific item ”, which accounts to around 40% of the total global labour effort .Our effort is to channelize these products and labour in to an effective and profitable way through UTHHAN.

Many of the craft products are sold at exuberant prices by retail giants aided by middle-men. In order to prevent the exploitation of artisans we will directly procure products from the members and sell at a reasonable price there by nullifying the role of connectors .The profit will be shared with the artisans through AID(Artisan Identification Card) to their respective bank accounts and the accumulated profit will be parked for upliftment activities like Scholarship programmes for the economically weaker students of the community, setting up educational institutions for higher studies, free medical camps for the community, housing projects and so on.

Awareness about traditional methodologies of craft forms with financial upliftment will aid the younger generation regardless of caste, creed and religion of the community to step in to their traditional working ways and make them think craft work as a profession which will keep this community and the culture alive and save them from self destruction.
Create a community of people who are educationally, financially and culturally forward with unique and brilliant ideas.

Culture is the essence of a community which can be achieved by regular update and sophistication of the same based on the present needs. UTHHAN will be a perfect foil for the community to fight for their rights and holding their cultural values intact and protect the skill from extinction as artisans are the PRIDE OF OUR NATION


Upliftment of underprivileged community in a pragmatic and systematic way.

Exuberant price without any logic has kept the skilled workers and their products under the clutches of high net worth individuals even though the community continued to be in a financial ditch and social exploitation. We will supply their products to all levels of financial segments at a reasonable cost without compromising on quality there by increasing the revenue flow. This will effectively sort out the financial apathy faced by skilled workers who constitute third largest unorganized sector in India.

Exclusive product outlets stretching all over India in a shorter span for effective branding and exposure

Make AID card as a single instrument for all financial and individual transactions which in turn reduce the complexities of documentation for illiterate mass.

Part of revenue will be effectively parked for different developmental activities of the community thereby reducing over dependence with the state and central government bodies.