Reduced price! Bohemia Crystal Angela Brandy Glass (400 ml)set of 6 pcs

Bohemia Crystal Angela Brandy Glass (400 ml)set of 6 pcs


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Type Brandy
Material Non -Leaded Crystal Glass
Packing 6 pcs

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100% lead free crystal , CE/EU certified, Smooth rims, Elegant looks Cognacglass, like this, has its exact form in the world of glassmaking. Ideally, it should be made of thincrystal glass, the body of the cup should be rounded and tapering to its rim to accumulate perfectly the aromatic substances of the drink. When being held, such glass should fit in the hand comfortably. The drink should be poured up to a quarter of the glass, the aroma shall be released by circular movements of the glass and we taste the drink in small amounts. These glasses are recommed, when all sorts of cognacs and brandies are served. Glasses are supplied in a gift packing. It has elegant shape and smooth rims all along. The crystal clarity beautiful stems and the smooth rims are the reasons that completely enhance the taste of our drink. These are the things which make the dinner quite special. Bohemia Crystal Angela Brandy glasses provide Western type experience which is classy as well as stylish for the event. Bohemia Crystal Angela Liquor glasses are made of lead free glass . This avoids chemicals entering into your beverages and makes them 100 safe.

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