Reduced price! Bohemia Crystal Barline  gold work whiskey glass(280ml)set of 6 pcs

Bohemia Crystal Barline gold work whiskey glass(280ml)set of 6 pcs

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Material Non -Leaded Crystal Glass Type

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100% lead free crystal , CE/EU certified, Smooth rims, Elegant looks Even thewhiskyglass did not avoid disputes over the right shape of a glass for serving whisky. Classic cylindrical form (tumbler) is appropriate, if you want just to sip whisky. It is very popular and it is comfortable to consume whisky from such glass. If you do not rank with experts, classic low OF or double OF tumbler will be enough for you to enjoy your drink. However, if you really want to savour your whisky, a rounded shape whisky glass with narrowed rim is recommed that enables the aroma to become more apparent. Tall and lowglassesare further distinguished, deping on their level. The tall ones are placed on a thin stem, the lower ones range more with the category of tumblers and they are more robust. Today, usually the low rounded OF whisky tumblers are considered to be the best ones for tasting whisky. It is not recommed to whirl the whisky in glass too much, because the evolving aroma could be excessively strong, which can destroy the complex feeling of whisky. Glasses are supplied in a gift packing.

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