Reduced price! Bohemia Crystal Club Beer Glass (380 ml)set of 4 pcs

Bohemia Crystal Club Beer Glass (380 ml)set of 4 pcs

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Type Beer
Material Non -Leaded Crystal Glass
Packing 4 pcs

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100% lead free crystal , CE/EU certified, Smooth rims, Elegant looks Elegantand perfectly harmonized in shape, this is thebeer glassmade of crystal glass. It allows the real beer lovers to enjoy the taste, look, and even the tone of hop drink. The fact that beer glasses have no prescribed rules for size or shape has historical roots. The accent is put rather on the serviceability of the glass. When choosing beer glass, the hop authorities take especially its shape, ability of quick drawing the beer and head sustainability, possibility of overturning, and also the ease of cleaning of the beer glass, into account. Beer, like any other beverage, deserves serving in, and consumption from adequate glasses it should be served, and finally drunk up, in a right way. This glass does not have calibration mark. Glasses are supplied in a gift packing.

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