Reduced price! Bohemia Crystal Jive Hi ball Glass (480 ml) set of 6 pcs

Bohemia Crystal Jive Hi ball Glass (480 ml) set of 6 pcs

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Material Non -Leaded Crystal GlassType

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100% lead free crystal , CE/EU certified, Smooth rims, Elegant looks Traditionalcocktail glassis of a rather rounded form, placed on a low base. It is used mainly for serving traditional cocktails, such as Mojito, Pi?a Colada, Sex on the Beach, and many others. The cocktail glasses are often specially adapted prior to cocktail making. For example, moistened glasses can be placed to the freezer for several hours to create a thin layer of ice on the surface of cup, or the rim of the glass shall be smeared with lemon and then sifted with sugar. After preparation of the cocktail, a final embellishment of the glass ensues, with exotic fruits etc. The cocktail glass shall always be perfectly clean and polished, without any residue of water or detergents. Glasses are supplied in a gift packing.

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